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Rub a Dub Dub, Pouncers in da Tub


Characters and Story by Talonsaurn, © the same.


            Pouncer was a panther, in every way normal looking.. with the possible exception that he stood 4.5 feet at the shoulder, making him cause more than a little screaming and fleeing as he pranced in central park during the summer. The NYPD had made a decision based on self preservation, the odd feline apparently didn’t do anyone any harm, so rather than risk a mauling they went back to eating doughnuts.  Pouncer though was a bit more complex, though appearing and seeming natural in all manners except size, he was smart. Maybe not a genius for humans, but a brilliant panther, specialization on looking cute and inoffensive… a person looking through the obituaries would find a inordinate amount of wealthy owners of exotic felines, a more detailed look would show that nearly all had lost most of there pets over a few months, ending up with only a massively handsome black panther that was a gem of any collection. Pouncer had many owners in the past…

            In a middle class urban suburb, a few multifamily dwellings best described as town houses stand gorgeously in the morning sun, most people just waking up. One man just coming home and walking to his second floor home.  A man was undressing in his bathroom, for the sake of the record let us call him Jake. Jake was a night worker, he made good money doing late night construction, a specialty in high demand for places that wanted to get up and running as quick as possible. Construction wasn’t always standing on scaffolding and safe work at night was quiet feasible with the proper thought. Jake had had a long night though, he was exhausted, very sweaty and he even skipped eating the breakfast his wife had set out for him, it was time for a Bath, a nice long one. Jake slowly lowered himself into the tub and turned the faucet, letting the hot water roll down his body as it slowly filled the tub. Jake sighed, stretching every tired muscle and closed his eyes to fall into a half sleep.

            Pouncer had followed the mans smell from the city, a bit of sweat, a bit of natural interest in the flavors of those who spend evenings and days working hard on building stuff had aroused his curiosity. His movements through the night went without much notice, black as the night Pouncer. Pouncer followed his quarries trail and managed to keep up with the Yugo he drove, he snuck into the townhouse through a open first floor window, and on big cats feet sniffed around the family downstairs, nothing of his night owl prey. Pouncer’s inspection alerted no one as he sneaked out the doorway to the internal staircase and walked up, following his nose to the doorway to the sweaty man.

            Jake might have wished he had thought to close his door after this night, but it was a safe neighborhood and he has been so tired, he didn’t hear or think about anything as the interloper snuck into his home, slowly weeding it’s way through his house, and even looking over his wife still asleep.. not woken by her husbands dawn return. Jake just made soft happy moans as he soaked. Unfortunately, the sound was even more encouraging for the feline to focus on why he came, and not the curious trapments of civilized life. Jake made another sigh s he hooked his feet around the side of the tub in a stretch. He paused, his eyes still closed. “lap. lap. lap.”He opened one eye and closed it, he didn’t think he had a drink tonight, he opened the other eye and it began to send similar impulses, and forced it’s counterpart to open, eyeing the huge panthers face licking at the water in his tub, it’s large forpaws balancing itself on the side of the tub. The man made a startled little “eep” and brought back one foot, and kicked it hard into the strange beasts skull, it flopped to the ground. Jake took a few breaths “Shit, I gotta cut down on the booze” The head came back up over the side, a damp footprint on it’s face. It’s view a bit less playful as it looked at Jake, tail waving.

            Pouncer’s face hurt, He was not expecting what the man did. It was the last thing he considered. Even as the man pulled back his foot Pouncer had never been struck like that before. The man seemed a bit surprised when he brought his head up again “Damn stupid cat” Pouncer saw him pull back his foot. This time the black feline wouldn’t be taken so easily and pushed in, climbing into the bath tub clumsily but also leaving no room for the mans foot to come down with any momentum, it landed weakly over his shoulder as Pouncer’s legs still dangled from the tub. Pouncer felt the warm water around his body as he squirmed, the man was screaming putting his paws against Pouncer’s  splashed face. Pouncer at the same point opened his jaws and the mans fingers went into his lips on either side of his tongue as he bit down, holding him there, and scrunching fully into the tub not meant for two. The man wiggled and writhed, finding the panther almost laying on him, and his back against the tub wall., his head thrashing a bit above the tubs lip.

            Pouncer Put his forpaws on the humans shoulders, curling them around and digging a bit into the porcelin as he pressed his mouth forward, making three bitting motions on the wrenching hands and arms, getting them to the elbows into his jaws, the mans fingers pressing around his uvula a bit, tugging accidently.. or on purpose, either way his inner body was way to slick. The man tasted  nice and clean, his sweaty flavor not really present but pouncer licked out with his tongue, straining to reach the humans face as it was pulled away from him. Pouncer took one paw from the shoulder pin and pushed it behind the humans skull, pressing it down between it’s own arms.

            Now it might seem very odd that Pouncer was “Into” live meals, the logic behind this was quiet simple in most cases. The simple answer is Pouncer found a lot of people were fine getting in his warm body this way, almost everyone was happy to go half way into him, letting there body rest in his warm digestive track up to there chest. Most assumed this training also included letting the person out. This however was a misconception, the training did have that course, but Pouncer learned his moves on the street. Street lore was simple, let anything do anything they want as long as it gives you more power over them. Let them keep digging there way into a hole you can close. Pouncer was a good closer. So when you squirmed back his handpaws pressed your arse into his lips ready for a big kitty gulp.

            Pouncer’s breath was very bad today, sometimes he had a good owner to clean his teeth but that hadn’t been. The human though was a bit appauled at the lack of hygine and coughed when his face was bent down in the kitty’s breathline. The man tried to squirm out of the gentle holding paw on his head, then froze, claws are wonderful things, they can prove a great encourager when they prick all around the head. After all, the human head has 5 unused orifices so it has little need for doubling those in sensitive regions. Pouncer pulled his paw in and made a nice bit wet bite on the head and upper arms, feeling them tightly pressed in his mouth. The human began to kick and spasm, his legs kicking on either side of Pouncer’s body, the panther perfectly down the middle and letting the thrashing feet just make waves. Pouncer felt the human vibrate bellow him, it’s naked body rubbing along his underside. Pouncer was much more interested in his next bite, the humans head was pressed into his tongue, his tastebuds rubbing over the humans terrified face. 

Normally thrashing is a lot worse, but when over 200lb of black cat is pinning you to the side your options tend to run out quick. Jake felt the body crushing him against a hard place, his face tightly pressed into the jaws, feeling both gums and teeth all around him. The lack of air was always a bad thing and his clenching fingers had found out how nastily slick the inside of the gullet could be. Lacking much other choice he screamed. This would have been great if he was being nibbled by the feet but one of the advantages to eating head first that in addition to the threat of instant death a free muffler was also included when someone went to the piercing scream defense plan.


.            Pouncer’s cheeks bulged as he made another bite, his forpaws now just on either side of his breakfasts chest, guiding him in as the kitties tongue found sweat, perspieration fresh from the armpit. It did add a flavor, pouncer found it fun to lick off when he snuck into a track stars dressing room, waiting for the perfect moment where momentry modesty was abandoned by the edibles,  Pouncer knew being eaten was scary, he almost forgave being struck since he knew his meal would probally have apologized at this point too. The man sweated a lot though, so quiet a few licks happened before the mans chest sagged his lips It wasn’t hard now for an experienced eater, the lack of air and the tight crush of his gullet made things simple. He felt a face in his gullet for a few seconds before the much less interesting shoulders made a bigger bulge.

            Pouncer rolled over, letting the warm water wash over his body, nearly fully, he felt his meal wiggle a bit when his forpaws pressed the rump, shoving belly into his wet jaws, thankfully for Pouncer a slick meal came with invading a bath, he would remember this. Pouncers eyes also noticed a black stripe around the human rump and loins, odd that it always appeared when he ate nude meals and it always tasted knida slick and plastic but so be it. He tried to make out a few of the letters, but since it was always curled around his meal he made out a C, an O, a pair of E’s and a S. whatever he couldn’t see didn’t matter. Pouncer was curious but he had deeper hungers than exploring why dinner seemed to magically get shielded on the most sensitive regions. Pouncer made his next bite to engulf the humans rump mostly, though the cheaks were still tecnhially outside his lips on the buttox left little to the imagination of not being cat chow. Pouncer also felt a wiggling deep in his belly, dinners head was getting in, sloshed around with the last nights friendly little meals remains. Pouncer let lose a rumbling purr as he tongued his meals rump, getting a final flavor before that too passed his lips. The kitty’s mouth now getting quiet damp on the outside, spilled drool was a very common side effect as the panther quievered with joy from his wiggling meal.


            Pouncer groaned while his forpaws rested on his tummy, feeling it slowly swell with newfound foot, the humans rump was shoveled further into the kitties jaws by the wide tongue, salivating healtily as the thighs pressed into his hungry little maw feeling it’s wiggles down his body as he let himself sink happily into the water, it covering nearly all his body, especially after a gentle nose to the tap sent a hot shower of water onto his face, protected by fur Pouncer didn’t mind, the humans legs though began to spasm. Pouncer sucked a bit to help his tongue along, finishing up to the knees, and admiring the little human toes. It took less than a minute to finish his meal, the kicking in his stomach was much more by instinct now, the lack of air having a very detrimental effect on his meal.



            Pouncer moaned, feeling the man kick hard in his tummy, the clothing he didn’t have might have made it less painful, but Pouncer never really enjoyed the taste, but paws trying to strip a meal are a very hard process, so he normally manages whatever tasty morsels come to his attention. Letting his stomach handle the utilization while his jaws and paws focused on procurment.

            Pouncer tilted his head and drank some warm tap water as the tub continued to fill around him, making his well domed tummy look like a big island in the sea of water. Pouncer purred and his tail snaked up from the depths, a bit like a sea monster in the little harbor filled with panther. Pouncer noticed a few bubbles near his tail and smiled smugly at the oder, his meal did still wiggle enough to force a gaseous release from his nether end. Pouncer closed his eyes and leanded back, licking his lips of the last of his meals taste, feeling the humans struggles give away at last inside him, the air or the crushing stomach must have won out, digestive juices wouldn’t have gotten strong enough so fast from pouncers few experiences where newly swallowing air prolonged things. Pouncer shifted slihglty and was about to drift off into a warmly bathed stopor. Slowly letting a wet belch from his lips as his nose turned the hot water to a trickle, running down his chin and into the sea. Poucner, god of his little island domain slumbered, knowing when he woke up the island would have fated beneath the warm waters of the tub